Hydrojelly Masks

Customized To Your Goal


The hydro jelly masks apply as a paste and rubberize into a

soft peel-off mask. Formulated with premium-quality

alginate, these masks create a vacuum-like seal over the

skin to lock moisture in and pull impurities and debris out.

Esthemax Masks never get hard and do not dry around

the edges. They are easy to peel away and do not bind to

hair, beards or eyelash extensions. 


Who Can Benefit

From Jelly Masks?

Most people can benefit from a Jellymask treatment due

to the safe and effective regenerative effects of the mask. 

Those suffering from dry skin, clogged pores, poor healing,

or looking to infuse their skin with extra nutrients and minerals can benefit from the Jellymask. This treatment is a great option for pregnant and nursing patients as it is chemical free and can be done safely during this delicate time. This is also great for those short on time as it can be done within a 30 minute timeframe.

When Should You Get A Jellymask?


This is a fantastic treatment on its own to help moisturize the skin remove excess superficial debris to clean pores. It's also a great add on to any skin treatment such as dermaplaning, facials, or micro needling to enhance the effects and to stimulate regenerative he

Types Of Masks:


  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Purifying Charcoal

  • Super Greens Strength

  • Egyptian Rose

  • Brightening Complex

  • Pure Himalayan White Tea

  • Anti-oxidant Goji

  • Beta-carotene Floral

  • Vampire PLLA Infusion

  • Skin Warrior

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